Asya E-SMART 2000-ENG

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Asian e-Smart 2000 inceliyoryuz electric bike models. The name suggests, on the 2000-watt motor with power. Asia Motor assurance in the market place area with e-Smart 2000, draws attention to the economic aspect. E-Smart 2000.100 miles 45 - 50 cents of electricity is spent. This pattern of competing brands of electric bikes dedicates e-Smart 2000. All prepaid debit cards offered for sale for the price of 9 models now installments 2,750 pounds. E-Smart 2000 is Asia's features can be found below.
Electric Motor: DC MOTOR

Traction: 12 degrees

Net Weight: 95 Kg

Ramp Power: 40 Km

Standard Load: 80-100 Kg

Maximum Speed: 55 - 65 Km

Engine Type: Electric


Battery Usage Distance: 45-55 km / h

Power: 2000 Watt

Charging Time: 6-8 hours

Tires: 3.00-10 inner wheel

Battery: Gel Battery

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