Mondial E-Mon Trans-ENG

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Electric scooter models from Mondial's E-Mon Trans models have examined all the details. This model evaluates overall score of 90 out of 100 points we can get easily. In this model, we used all the essentials for one week and reached the following conclusions:
1 -) E-Mode Trans the charging time is between 6 to 8 hours. If you charge the battery of your engine in this time range indicator is green.
2 -) E-Mode Trans net weight of 113 kg and 150 kg capacity unless otherwise stated. However, we have tested with 170 kg and have received the full performance of the engine.
3 -) E-Mode Trans the range varies according to the operating conditions. For example, on a straight road the only one if you use the 50 - 55 km, on a straight road two people if you use: 45 - 50 miles, hilly roads one person if you use the 40-45 km, and finally hilly road two people if you use a maximum of 40 km of roads operate. With this performance, this model can easily chosen in the city.
4 -) E-Mon Trans overall good levels of speed. This engine is 60 km / h dial's. However, in all circumstances we are up to 45 km / h we can do.
5 -) The engine may prefer a model in each case. No difficulties even on an incline. Even steep slopes can easily quit.

Mondial Trans selling price of E-Mon: 2100 - 2250 £

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